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Pinellas County, located in the beautiful region of Florida, boasts a thriving real estate market. As a property owner in this area, it is crucial to stay informed about your tax responsibilities. In this comprehensive review, we will delve into the topic of when Pinellas County real estate taxes are due, ensuring you have a clear understanding of the process and deadlines.

Understanding Pinellas County Real Estate Taxes: Real estate taxes are an essential source of revenue for local governments, supporting various public services and infrastructure development. In Pinellas County, these taxes play a significant role in funding schools, law enforcement, fire departments, and other vital community initiatives.

Due Dates and Payment Options: To fulfill your responsibilities as a property owner, it is important to be aware of the due dates for real estate tax payments in Pinellas County. The tax year in Pinellas County follows a calendar year, with tax bills typically issued in November. These bills outline the amount owed and provide detailed instructions for payment.

The due date for Pinellas County real estate taxes is typically March 31st of the following year. However, it is important to note that this due date may vary slightly based on weekends and holidays. To

Florida's Property Tax System After the local governments determine their annual budgets, the county tax collector sends a tax bill to each property owner in late October or November. The taxes are due by the following March 31.

What are the dates that property taxes are due in Florida?

Real Estate Property Taxes are payable on Nov. 1 of each year and may be paid through March 31 of the following year without penalty. Pursuant to Florida Statute 197, Real Estate Property taxes become delinquent on April 1.

At what age do you stop paying property taxes in Pinellas County Florida?

65 years of age or older Qualifications: At least one property owner is 65 years of age or older on January 1. The applicant qualifies for or is already receiving Homestead Exemption. Meet limited household income requirements published and subject to change each year by the Florida Department of Revenue.

Are Pinellas County property taxes paid in arrears?

In Pinellas County, property taxes are paid in arrears, meaning the bill you pay at the beginning of 2022 is based on the value and millage rate for 2021.

What is the over 65 property tax exemption in Florida?

There is an additional $50,000 homestead exemption (FLORIDA STATUTE 196.075) for person 65 and older. The adjusted gross income requirement for 2023 cannot exceed $35,167 for all members of the household. An application DR 501SC must be submitted along proof of income.

When are pinellas county real estate taxes due?

2023 property tax bills will be mailed on October 31. eBills will go out on November 1. Pay in November to receive a 4% discount! Pay Online Now. Property Taxes 

How do you calculate the value of a deceased estate?

How to Determine Estate Value
  1. Figure out how much everything is worth. That includes real estate, vehicles, insurance policies, personal items and anything else your loved one owned.
  2. Subtract the value of any assets that don't have to go through probate.
  3. Carry out the simplified probate process.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are assets valued at death?

For estate tax purposes, assets are valued as of the date of death, based on a hypothetical sale between a well-informed buyer and seller. Sales after the date of death are only evidence of value if they are based on facts which were knowable at the date of death.

What is the 10 cap on property taxes in Florida?

The Non-Homestead assessment limitation limits the increase of a real property assessment at 10% each year for non-school board assessed values. The Non-Homestead assessment limitation is available to real property not receiving a homestead exemption or classification. It does not apply to tangible personal property.

At what age do seniors stop paying property taxes in Florida?

65 years of age You are 65 years of age, or older, on January 1; You qualify for, and receive, the Florida Homestead Exemption; Your total 'Household Adjusted Gross Income' for everyone who lives on the property cannot exceed statutory limits.

Is there a limit on how much property taxes can increase in Florida?

Under Florida Law, properties are allowed a limit on the amount the assessed value may increase each year, known as the homestead Save Our Homes (SOH) 3% cap and the non-homestead 10% cap. Overtime, these caps can reduce the amount of property taxes paid as they are calculated on assessed value.

Who is Pinellas County Tax Collector?

Tax Collector Charles W. Thomas takes pride in his office's dedication to “customer-focused excellence” and is honored to serve the residents of Pinellas County.


How do I contact Pinellas County property tax?
Contact Information and Location Maps
Property Appraiser 315 Court St., Clearwater, FL 33756(727) 464-3207 (727) 464-3370 TDD– Map – Parking – Contact
Public Defender– Contact
– Pinellas County Justice Center 14250 49th St. N., Clearwater, FL 33762(727) 464-6516– Map
How do I pay my property taxes in Florida?
  1. Pay taxes online by eCheck or credit/debit card at
  2. Pay taxes by mailing an acceptable form of payment such as a check, cashier's check, money order or certified fund.
  3. Pay taxes in person.
  4. Pay taxes by calling 305-270-4916.
How do property taxes work in Pinellas County?
Property owners must pay property taxes based on the values of their homes or businesses. These values are determined by the Property Appraiser, a constitutional officer of the County whose purpose is to establish an equitable value for all properties in the county.
How do you determine the value of estate tax?
Key Takeaways:
  1. The value of an estate for tax purposes is determined by the fair market value of each asset at the time of death.
  2. Debts and administrative expenses are deducted from the gross estate to determine the taxable estate.
How do you determine the value of the property in the gross estate?
The fair market value of the property is used when calculating gross estate, often calculated by appraisals. Gross estate often is confused with probate estate, which refers to the property in an estate that must go through probate.

When are pinellas county real estate taxes due

How do you determine the value of inherited property? Here are the best ways to determine the fair market value of inherited property:
  1. Ask local real estate agents for an estimate.
  2. Get a formal appraisal from a licensed real estate appraiser.
  3. Put the property on the market.
What is the value for an estate to be subjected to federal estate taxes? $12.92 million Currently, assets worth $12.92 million or more per individual are subject to federal estate tax. Some states also levy estate taxes. Estate tax is different from inheritance tax and gift tax.
How much can you inherit from your parents without paying taxes? This threshold gradually rises every year to account for inflation over time. As of 2023, your estate is required to pay the federal estate tax if the value of your taxable estate exceeds $12.92 million.
How do you value real estae for estate tax purposes May 22, 2022 — Estate valuation is the process of calculating an estate's value for federal and state estate tax purposes. It's a major component in 
What value will be used for estate tax purposes? It consists of an accounting of everything you own or have certain interests in at the date of death (Refer to Form 706PDF). The fair market value of these items is used, not necessarily what you paid for them or what their values were when you acquired them.
  • How does the IRS determine property value?
    • Fair Market Value (FMV): What It Is and How to Defend It | Pisenti & Brinker LLP. So what is fair market value (FMV)? According to the IRS, it's the price that property would sell for on the open market. This is the price that would be agreed upon between a willing buyer and a willing seller.
  • How is the value of an estate calculated?
    • It takes into account everything they own or have an interest in at the date of their death. The tax uses the fair market value of the items to calculate the gross estate value. From this, it subtracts certain deductions, resulting in your taxable estate.
  • How are personal properties valued for estate tax purposes?
    • Estate taxes are based on the fair market value of property. Fair market value is the price that the property would change hands between a willing buyer and a willing seller. This assumes neither party is under compulsion to buy or sell.
  • What should be included in the value of an estate?
    • The main parts of the estate that will need to be valued are the assets, liabilities (debts) and lifetime gifts. Assets need to be valued at their open market value. This is the price the asset might reasonably fetch if it was sold on the open market at the time of the death.

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