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What is the passing grade in utah for the real estate test

Passing the real estate test is a crucial step towards becoming a licensed real estate agent in Utah. To ensure the highest level of professionalism and competence, the state imposes specific requirements, including a passing grade on the real estate exam. In this expert review, we will explore the passing grade criteria for the real estate test in Utah, providing informative and easy-to-understand insights for aspiring agents.

Understanding the Passing Grade in Utah:

In Utah, the passing grade for the real estate test is set by the Utah Division of Real Estate. To pass the exam, candidates must achieve a minimum score of 70%. This means that out of the total number of questions in the exam, individuals must answer at least 70% correctly.

The Real Estate Exam in Utah:

The real estate exam in Utah consists of two sections: the national portion and the state-specific portion. The national portion covers general real estate concepts and principles, while the state-specific portion focuses on Utah real estate laws, regulations, and practices. Each section is independently graded, and candidates must pass both sections to obtain their real estate license.

Preparation for the Real Estate Exam:

To increase the chances of success, thorough preparation is essential.

After you complete Real Estate school, in order to be eligible for a license, you need to take the exam. You can find out more about it here. Often times we're asked if it is difficult to pass the test. The answer is no, it's not difficult as long as you're prepared!

How many questions is Utah real estate exam?

How much does the Utah real estate license exam cost? The Utah Real Estate Exam costs $59 for both the state and national sections of the test. This is a two-part exam (national and state) totaling 140 questions and the time allotted is 4 hours. The UT specific section is comprised of 50 scored questions.

How many times can you take the Utah real estate exam?

How many times can you take real estate exam in Utah? If you do not pass one section or both sections, you have six months to retake the exam. You can retake the test as many times as you need to within those six months. You must wait 24 hours before rescheduling the test.

Is Utah real estate exam multiple choice?

Sales Agent: The exam costs $59 and is administered on a computer in multiple choice format. The national portion consists of 80 scored questions and 5 pre-test questions that do not affect your score. The state law portion consists of 50 scored questions and 5-10 pre-test questions that do not affect your score.

What are the hardest real estate exams?

The difficulty of the real estate exam varies by state, but the California real estate exam is known to be one of the most difficult. In fact, the pass rate for the California real estate exam in the last two years was under 50%, which means it's incredibly competitive and difficult to pass.

How long must a Florida broker retain records pertaining to the real estate brokerage business?

5 years

Each broker shall preserve at least one legible copy of all books, accounts, and records pertaining to her or his real estate brokerage business for at least 5 years from the date of receipt of any money, fund, deposit, check, or draft entrusted to the broker or, in the event no funds are entrusted to the broker, for

How long does a broker have to keep records in Florida?

A broker is required to maintain legible records of all transactions, financial records, etc. for a period of five years. If any record has been subject to litigation or used as evidence, it must be maintained until at least two years after the litigation has concluded.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do brokerage firms have to keep records?

Six years

In addition, FINRA Rule 4511 requires firms to preserve for a period of at least six years those FINRA books and records for which there is no specified retention period under the FINRA rules or applicable Exchange Act rules.

How do I get a brokerage license in Georgia?

To get your Georgia Broker License, you must complete the following:
  1. Be licensed as a Georgia Salesperson for at least 3 of the previous 5 years.
  2. Complete 60 hours of approved Georgia Broker Pre-Licensing education.
  3. Pass the course final exam.
  4. Pass the Georgia Real Estate Broker Examination.
  5. Submit your background check.

Who licenses realtors in Georgia?

The Georgia Real Estate Commission & Appraisers Board ensures that real estate licensees and appraisers are professionally qualified and promotes a fair and honest market environment for those involved in real estate transactions throughout the state.

How do I fire a real estate agent in Georgia?

Forms to Terminate a Real Estate Agent

Keep a contemporaneous log, record issues as they arise. Either party can terminate brokerage agreements and they can be mutual or unilateral. Note that fees may still be expected from the client; especially with listings. Again, READ the forms and understand what they mean.

What is Chapter 47 of the local Georgia real estate license law?

Chapter 47 of the Georgia real estate license law lays out the procedure to be followed for settlement of an agreement between borrowers (buyers) and lenders of residential first mortgage loans.

Whose responsibility is it to notify Grec of a licensee's transfer?

broker's place of business, broker will notify GREC, in writing, within 30 days of such change. new broker for whom licensee will act. broker, broker releasing the licensee must notify GREC in writing of that action.

How to tell a real estate agent you are no longer interested?

Do for your agent what you expect in return, and be direct and kind. Ask them if there's a good time for you both to talk, so they can be mentally prepared for the rejection. During your scheduled call, tell your real estate agent you've chosen to work with someone else and thank them for their time.

What is the difference between a salesperson and a realtor?

Real estate agents are also known as a real estate salesperson. But it doesn't mean that they can legally negotiate a deal and write contracts. In order to properly represent a buyer or seller, an agent must first join a local board of realtors. The board of realtors is how an agent gains access to the contracts.

Who is by definition a customer in a real estate transaction in Georgia?

“Customer” means a person who is not being represented by a real estate broker in an agency capacity pursuant to a brokerage engagement but for whom a broker may perform ministerial acts in a real estate transaction pursuant to either a verbal or written agreement.

How does Georgia license law define the commission?

Commission is authorized by law to implement rules and regulations in order to administer the license law. All rules and regulations implemented by the Commission must be based on existing license law. Anyone may petition the Commission to pass, amend, or repeal a rule. Anyone may request declaratory ruling.


Is a salesperson the same as a broker?

The main difference between a salesperson and a broker is that a broker has additional training and experience and the broker may work independently where a salesperson must work under a broker. Before someone can become a real estate broker, they usually must have a few years of experience.

How hard is the Utah real estate exam?

Is the Utah real estate exam hard? While the majority of students pass their real estate exam, a passing score isn't guaranteed. In Utah, approximately 23% of students have to retake the test in order to pass. The best way to alleviate your nerves and pass the test is to work hard and prepare as much as possible.

How long is the Utah real estate course?


There is only one 120-hr. Pre-Licensing course required to become a real estate agent in Utah.

How long does it take to get real estate license in Utah?

How long does it take to get a real estate agent license in Utah? Future agents who spend about 20 hours per week on coursework can be licensed in as little as 3-4 weeks. You can use the Utah Real Estate Agent License Lookup Tool to verify an agent's license status.

How long after a sheriff sale do you have to move out in Ohio?

The general procedure for obtaining a writ of possession is the new owner would file for one after receiving the sheriff's deed to the property. The sheriff generally gives the former owner/occupant 10-14 days to move out of the home which can be extended to 30 days if hardship is shown and accepted.

What happens to tenants when a property is foreclosed in Ohio?

After the confirmation of the foreclosure sale, the tenant is required to pay the rent to the new owner (not the former landlord). Until the new owner provides the tenant with rent payment instructions, a reasonable approach for the tenant is to hold the rent money for later payment.

What happens to liens after sheriff sale Ohio?

What happens to liens on the property? Liens are "Marshaled" (placed in order and paid in order), and paid from the sale proceeds. A "Deficiency Judgment" is granted to the Plaintiff (Lien holder) against the Defendant (Homeowner) if enough money is not generated at the sale. The liens are then canceled.

What happens after writ of possession in Ohio?

Once the Writ is given to the tenant and/or pasted on the entrance to the rental unit, the tenant has to move out. Just because a tenant has a maximum of 10 days to move out, that does not mean they can be given that length of time to vacate the property. It will depend on the availability of the sheriff or constable.

How long do tenants have to move out after house is sold in Ohio?

If a tenant's lease has ended, a landlord and/or the new owner may give the tenant a 30-day notice to vacate, and it not required to provide a reason for doing so.

What is the redemption period for a foreclosure in Ohio?

Redemption Period:

The sheriff is required to notify the court within 60 days after the sale that the sale took place. Next, the court has 30 days to confirm the sale, which means the entire process can take anywhere from a few days to a maximum of 90 days.

What is the passing grade in utah for the real estate test

How long can a lien stay on a property in Ohio?

Five years

A judgment lien on real estate remains in effect for five years. You may not be able to collect a judgment right away through a judgment lien on real estate, but it will ensure that the property cannot be sold or refinanced within the next five years without dealing with your lien.

How long can you have an inactive real estate license in Georgia?

A licensee may maintain his/her license on inactive status for no more than five (5) years. If licensee does not apply to reactivate his/ her license before the end of the five-year period, the license will be revoked for failure to reactivate.

How do I activate my GA real estate license?

To change your license status from inactive to active, please submit a Change Application. If your license has lapsed for more than one year, you will NOT be able to reinstate your license online. You will need to use a Reinstatement Application and a late fee will be charged.

What happens if your real estate license lapses in GA?

If you fail to renew your Georgia real estate license on time, it will become inactive. Keep in mind that you will not be able to engage in any real estate sales or brokerage activity with an inactive license. If more than five years pass since your expiration date, your license will become terminated.

What does inactive status mean in real estate? If a California real estate agent cannot finish these educational requirements during their four-year licensing period, their license will become inactive. Once inactive, their license can be reinstated if the real estate agent completes their educational requirements within two years.

How many years is a real estate licenses valid for in Georgia?

Four years

Georgia requires you to renew your real estate license every four years. Your license expires on the last day of your birthday month every four years. For example, if you were born on October 14, your license would expire on October 31. You can renew it as early as four months before it expires.

How long does it take to get a real estate broker license in Georgia?

How Long Does It Take to Get a Georgia Real Estate License? On average, it takes four (4) months to obtain your real estate license.

How old must a broker be in Georgia?

21 years old

You'll have to be at least 18 years old to become an agent and 21 years old to become a broker, and you must complete specific real estate coursework, pass an exam (or two, depending on the license), and undergo a criminal background check.

How many years must a Georgia broker retain sales contracts?

Three years

Copies of sales contracts, brokerage engagements, closing statements, leases, and other documents related to a real estate transaction required by law to be maintained in a broker's file for three years shall be made available to authorized agents of the Commission upon reasonable request and at a reasonable cost to

What is the advertising law in Georgia? Georgia deceptive trade practices law bans false advertising, making it a misdemeanor charge and also allowing victims to sue for damages. Much of the relevant laws and regulations are encoded in Georgia's Fair Business Practices Act, which applies primarily to consumer transactions.

  • What is the basic rule of advertising in real estate?
    • Only advertise listed properties with authorization from the listing agent. Identify yourself as a real estate agent and include the name of the brokerage firm you work within all advertising. Be totally honest in your advertising by avoiding exaggerations and misrepresentations about the property.

  • What is advertising in real estate?
    • Property advertising is the process of running ads in the newspaper, social media, or any kind of classified ad, with the ultimate goal of generating leads (prospective clients) for your real estate business.

  • What is the law of advertising?
    • Advertising and Marketing Law is a body of law that covers all aspects of advertising and marketing. Businesses use a variety of print and electronic media to provide information to consumers, e.g., radio, television, social media, magazines, mailings. This area of law involves regulations set by government agencies.

  • What is the Real Estate Transactions Act in Georgia?
    • The Georgia Brokerage Relationships in Real Estate Transactions Act provides a legal road-map for the broker engaged by a landlord. The first rule is that a broker must perform duties under the terms of the brokerage engagement made with a landlord, unless strictly prohibited by local, state or federal statutes.

  • How many years must brokers keep bank statements and records for escrow accounts on file in Florida?
    • Five years

      A broker is required to maintain legible records of all transactions, financial records, etc. for a period of five years.

  • Who enforces real estate license law in Georgia?
    • Real Estate Commission

      Real Estate Commission enforces license law through disciplinary action. A licensee who fails to comply with the law, or any rules created under the law, may be subject to discipline. failing to maintain records for three years; falsifying any portion of a contract; and failing to disclose an agency relationship.

  • Which entity is the authority behind Georgia real estate license law?
    • GREC is responsible for: Administering the real estate license law relevant to brokers, salespersons, and community association managers in Georgia. Maintaining licensee records and compiling reports. Regulating the initial licensing and license renewal process for real estate professionals.

  • What governing body is in charge of administering Georgia real estate licenses?
    • The Georgia Real Estate Commission & Appraisers Board ensures that real estate licensees and appraisers are professionally qualified and promotes a fair and honest market environment for those involved in real estate transactions throughout the state.

  • Who appoints the Georgia real estate commissioner?
    • Section 43-40-2.

      This section of the Georgia Code involves the establishment of a Georgia Real Estate Commission. The Commission is appointed by the governor and is comprised of six people. Five of those six must be real estate professionals actively participating in the industry for no less than five years.

  • Who oversees regulates administers and enforces the real estate law?
    • The Department of Real Estate (DRE) not only administers and enforces the laws governing the sale of subdivided lots and common interest developments, including condominiums and planned developments, it also administers and enforces laws governing the sale of time-share interests.

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