Discover the key factors that real estate brokers consider when evaluating apartments in the US. Learn how to make your property stand out and attract their attention.


When it comes to finding the perfect apartment, real estate brokers play a crucial role in the process. These professionals possess a keen eye for detail and possess a deep understanding of what potential buyers or renters are looking for. But have you ever wondered what exactly real estate brokers look for in an apartment? In this article, we will delve into the key factors that brokers consider when evaluating apartments in the US, helping you gain valuable insights to make your property more appealing.

#1 Location: The Neighborhood Matters

Location, location, location! It's an age-old mantra in real estate, and brokers know just how important it is. When assessing an apartment, brokers consider the neighborhood's safety, amenities, and proximity to schools, parks, shopping centers, and public transportation. A desirable location can significantly increase the value of an apartment.

#2 Curb Appeal: First Impressions Count

The exterior of the apartment building is the first thing brokers and potential buyers notice. A well-maintained and visually appealing building with attractive landscaping can leave a positive

Here are the 7 most important things to not tell your realtor when selling.

  • What you think your home is worth.
  • Your need to sell quickly.
  • Plans for upgrades before selling.
  • Non-mandatory legal information about your property.
  • You're okay with an inflated history of dual agency.
  • Your lowest acceptable selling price.

What do you call someone who helps you find an apartment?

Real estate agents can assist renters with finding apartments, condos, and rental homes. They specialize in the lease market, while regular agents focus on buyers and sellers.

Can you hire someone to find you an apartment Los Angeles?

Find a local real estate agent to help you list or apply for rental properties in Los Angeles. These agents specialize in helping landlords list available rental properties, screen tenants, and more. They also assist renters in finding and applying for rental homes and apartments.

Do tenants pay realtor fees in Texas?

In Houston in most cases on a listed property, the property owner pays the listing agent a commission for the rental. The renter is not responsible for paying a real estate a commission to a real estate agent unless they agreed to that in writing in advance.

What scares a real estate agent the most?

How Real Estate Agents Can Overcome Fear and Self-doubt

  • Talking to New People. Some real estate agents have a knack for connecting with strangers; others experience anxiety and dread every time they make a cold call.
  • Fear of Rejection.
  • Empty Open Houses.
  • Unfair Criticism.
  • Being Too Busy.

Does the buyer or seller pay closing costs in Washington State?

The seller and the buyer both pay closing costs in Washington State. In Washington State, real estate transactions are usually closed by escrow agents and title companies.

How much are closing costs for a buyer in Washington State?

See how much you might have to shell out in closing costs when you buy or sell a home in this state. According to data from ClosingCorp, the average closing cost in Washington is $11,513.23 after taxes, or approximately 2.3% to 2.88% of the final home sale price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do buyers pay realtor fees in Washington State?

So, who pays real estate agent commissions in Washington State? It's usually the seller who pays these fees. In a typical home sale transaction, the seller will pay the Realtor fees at closing, out of the proceeds (or money earned) from the sale. That's usually how it works, but there are variations.

What are transfer taxes in closing costs Washington State?

Real estate transactions in Washington State will require the payment of a transfer tax, known locally as a Real Estate Excise Tax, or REET. The tax rate varies depending on the sales price, but it ranges from 1.1% to 3%, with higher valued homes having a higher rate.

Who pays the tax buyers or sellers?

When supply is more elastic than demand, the tax burden falls on the buyers. If demand is more elastic than supply, producers will bear the cost of the tax.

What closing costs does the seller pay in Washington State?

In Washington, sellers typically pay for the title and closing service fees, transfer taxes, and recording fees at closing. Optional costs for sellers include buyer incentives, pro-rated property taxes, or for an attorney. Buyers, on the other hand, pay for things like mortgage, appraisal, and inspection fees.

What taxes do you pay when selling a house in Washington State?

Graduated REET Structure effective Jan. 1, 2023 for the state portion of REET

Sale price thresholds Tax rate
$525,000 or less 1.10%
$525,000.01 - $1,525,000 1.28%
$1,525,000.01 - $3,025,000 2.75%
$3,025,000.01 or more 3%


What are the average closing costs in Seattle?
The average closing costs buyers pay in Seattle will total between 2% and 5% of the purchase price. These closing fees will vary from transaction to transaction depending on the mortgage lender chosen, purchase price, mortgage loan amount, county the property is located in, and property type.
Does seller pay closing costs in Oregon?
Yes, the seller is responsible for at least some closing costs in every state, including Oregon. These include Realtor commissions and can also cover things like title-related fees, seller concessions and wire-transfer fees when paying off the existing mortgage.
What taxes do you pay when selling a house in Washington state?
Graduated REET Structure effective Jan. 1, 2023 for the state portion of REET

Sale price thresholds Tax rate
$525,000 or less 1.10%
$525,000.01 - $1,525,000 1.28%
$1,525,000.01 - $3,025,000 2.75%
$3,025,000.01 or more 3%
Is owner's title insurance required in Washington state?
An owner's title policy is an optional purchase, whereas, a lender's title policy is a mandatory purchase.
What is title insurance in WA?
Unlike home or contents insurance which protects you against future events, title insurance protects you against unknown or hidden past events that may put your property title at risk. One example is incorrect signatures on the title document or forgery.

What do real estate brokers look for in an apartment

Who chooses the title company in Washington state? You can choose your title insurance company

Most mortgage lenders will recommend a title insurance company, but the final choice is yours.

Who pays for title insurance in Washington DC? In Washington D.C., the buyer typically pays for the owner's title policy. The buyer also has to purchase the lender's title policy to protect the mortgage broker's interests in the transaction. While applying for a refinance, the homebuyer or the lender is at liberty to choose the title company.
Does seller pay for title insurance in Washington? In Washington, local custom determines who pays for title insurance. Typically in this state, the seller pays for owner's title insurance and the buyer pays for lender's title insurance. However, this may be negotiated between parties.
How much are closing costs for sellers in Washington state? The closing cost in Washington State for buyers are approximately 2%–5% of the home's agreement value. While the sellers are expected to pay around 6–10% of the home's purchase price.
  • What are the biggest closing costs usually paid by sellers?
    • The biggest closing cost (5%-6%) the seller has to pay is the listing and buyer's agent commission. The remaining 3%-4% includes expenses like home inspection fee, land survey fee, HOA fees, estoppel fees, etc. » Seller Closing Costs: Find out what are typical closing costs for seller in the US.
  • What is the loan origination fee in Seattle?
    • Loan Origination Fee: This fee covers the lender's loan-processing costs. The fee is typically one percent of the total mortgage. Loan Discount: You will pay this one-time charge if you have chosen to pay points to lower your interest rate. Each point you purchase equals one percent of the total loan.
  • How much does it cost to buy a house in Seattle?
    • Seattle is not for anyone on a budget. Redfin data shows that the median price of a single-family home here in December 2022 was $785,000. However, if you can fit into a smaller space, you'll be in much better shape: The median price of condos and co-ops was a much lower $471,500.
  • Who pays closing costs in Seattle?
    • Both the buyer and the seller have to pay some closing costs on the sale of land in Washington. Seller closing costs on land sale in Washington include attorney fees, deed preparation fees, HOA fees, pro-rated property tax, real estate agent commission, recording fees, transfer taxes, etc.

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