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What does pending means on a house for sale

When searching for a house for sale, it is essential to understand the meaning of certain real estate terms, such as "pending." This brief review aims to clarify what the term "pending" signifies in relation to a house for sale. By providing a simple and easy-to-understand explanation, we will explore the benefits and conditions under which the term "pending" is used.

I. Understanding the Term "Pending"

  • Definition of "Pending" in Real Estate
  • Implications of a "Pending" Status

II. Benefits of "Pending" on a House for Sale

  1. Increased Certainty:

    • Indicates that a buyer and seller have reached an agreement on the sale.
    • Suggests that the transaction is progressing towards completion.
  2. Limited Market Availability:

    • When a property is pending, it is typically no longer actively marketed.
    • Reduces competition from other potential buyers.
  3. Time Efficiency:

    • Saves time for both buyers and sellers by indicating progress.
    • Allows sellers to focus on the current buyer, reducing distractions.
  4. Potential for Backup Offers:

    • Sellers may accept backup offers in case the current deal falls through.
    • Buyers

Curious about what "pending" means on a home sale? Read on to discover the implications and factors behind this common term in the US real estate market.


In the bustling world of real estate, the term "pending" carries significant weight. Whether you're a first-time buyer or a seasoned investor, understanding what "pending" means on a home sale is crucial. This article will demystify the concept, shedding light on its implications and helping you navigate the US real estate market with confidence.

What Does Pending Mean on a Home Sale?

When a property listing indicates that a sale is "pending," it means that an offer has been made and accepted by the seller. However, the transaction has not yet been finalized. The property is no longer actively marketed, but there are still several steps to be completed before the sale is considered closed.

The Implications of a Pending Sale

  1. Off-Market Status: Once a property is marked as pending, it is no longer available for showings or accepting new offers. It is temporarily off the market until the transaction is completed or falls through.

  2. Financing and Inspections

Does pending mean approved for a house?

In the real estate world, pending means a property offer has been accepted and the contingencies met, but the sale hasn't been finalized yet.

How long does a pending transaction take for a house?

How long does it take for a house to go from pending to sold? In other words, how long does this crazy limbo period usually last? “There's no hard or fast answer, but typically if a buyer is getting a loan, the total under contract time is about 30 to 60 days,” George explains.

Is it better to be under contract or pending?

While “under contract” typically means there are still contingencies left to clear, pending status usually means all contingencies have been met and the deal is on its way to closing. Pending listings are less likely to accept backup offers.

Why would a house be pending for so long?

A status of pending usually means that the buyer has passed all the requirements necessary and are just waiting to close. If the seller or their agent feels that the current buyer may pull out or not be able to close, then they may allow continued showings and even a backup offer.

How long should pending take?

How long do pending transactions take? In general, it can take up to three business days for a pending transaction to clear. But that time frame can depend on the bank or credit card issuer, the payment network—like the Automated Clearing House (ACH)—and the type of transaction.

Why would a house go from pending to off market?

Why Would a House Go From Pending to Off Market? There's always a chance that a pending sale will fall through - there could be an issue with the buyer's financing, or something might come up during the inspection. Once a home goes from pending to off market, though, it means the home has been successfully sold.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do most houses stay pending?

But on average, homes are listed as pending for 30 – 60 days. If the buyer is paying in cash, they may close on the house much sooner.

What happens when an offer is pending?

Unlike a contingent status, which means the seller has accepted an offer but must still meet some requirements, pending usually signifies that the contingencies have been worked out, the contract has been signed, and all that is left is to move through the final stages of escrow.

Is a pending offer the same as under contract?

Key Takeaways. “Under contract” means the seller has accepted an offer, but there are still conditions to clear before closing. “Active under contract” means the seller is welcoming backup offers. “Pending” means the home is under contract, and all conditions have been met for the deal to close.


Does sale pending mean the house is sold?
A pending sale status means the seller has accepted an offer from a hopeful buyer, but the deal hasn't closed yet. (This is different from a contingent sale.) A property is placed in pending status the minute a contract is executed.
How do you beat a pending offer?
How To Beat Other Offers on a House

  1. Make an Offer Above the Home's Asking Price.
  2. Connect With the Seller.
  3. Work With a Qualified Agent.
  4. Use an Escalation Clause.
  5. Offer To Cover an Appraisal Gap.
  6. Be Flexible With the Closing Date.
  7. Don't Ask the Seller for Too Much.
  8. Pay for the House All in Cash.
What does offer pending mean in real estate
Apr 4, 2023 — A pending sale means that a seller has accepted a buyer's offer. Unlike a contingent status, which means the seller has accepted an offer but 

What does pending means on a house for sale

Can you still make an offer on a pending house? If you're house hunting and the property you had hoped to make an offer on just went pending on the local MLS, can you still make an offer? Typically the listing agent no longer accepts offers once the property is listed as pending sale, so you won't be able to place your bid.
What can happen when a house is pending? Answer box: When a home sale is pending, it means that the sellers have accepted an offer from a buyer. The home sale will close once the buyers and sellers sign the paperwork that makes the sale official. Once a home is listed as pending, the odds are low that other buyers will get the chance to purchase it.
  • Why would a house go from pending to active?
    • A real estate listing might go back to active from pending due to several reasons such as the buyer's financing falling through, inspection issues, or the buyer simply backing out of the deal.
  • Is it too late if a house is pending?
    • Handling an Offer on a Pending Property

      Sometimes, listing agents will continue to show a property until the deal is final, just in case. If this happens, you might be able to make an offer without much issue. Just because a property is pending doesn't mean it's sold.

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