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Understanding the term "contingent" is crucial for anyone involved in the real estate market. Whether you're a buyer, seller, or agent, knowing what contingent means can help you navigate the complexities of a real estate transaction. This article aims to provide a simple and easy-to-understand explanation of what contingent means in the context of real estate sales in the United States.

I. Definition of "Contingent" in Real Estate:

  1. Contingent Defined: When a property is listed as "contingent," it means that an offer has been accepted by the seller, but certain conditions must be met for the sale to proceed.
  2. Contingent vs. Pending: It is essential to differentiate between "contingent" and "pending" statuses. Contingent means there are specific conditions to be met, while pending signifies that all contingencies have been satisfied, and the sale is moving forward.

II. Benefits of "Contingent" in Real Estate Sales:

  1. Flexibility for Buyers: For potential buyers, a contingent status provides an opportunity to make an offer on a property that might otherwise be unavailable. It allows them to secure the property while
If you're interested in a property that's listed with an active contingent status, you may still be able to make an offer. While the initial offer will take precedence if all the contingencies are satisfied, making an offer can put you at the head of the line if the original deal falls through.

Can a seller accept another offer while contingent?

Contingency with a kick-out clause That means the seller can continue to show the home and accept offers during the sale contingency period. If the seller gets a better offer, they'll allow the original buyer 72 hours to drop the sale contingency and proceed with the deal.

Is it better to be contingent or pending?

If a home is listed as pending, all contingencies have been met and the sale is further down the closing path, with most of the paperwork in place — but the transaction has not yet been completed. You are more likely to be successful making an offer on a contingent home than a pending one.

What is difference between pending and contingent?

The difference is that contingent listings still need to meet one or more specific conditions before moving forward. With pending deals, conditions have been met, and both parties are planning to move forward to closing.

Why don't sellers like contingent offers?

Contingent offers provide protection to buyers. But there are risks involved, especially for sellers. Because contingent offers require some other event to take place – such as an appraisal of a home for a certain amount or a home inspector giving a residence a passing grade – they can fall through.

Do you need a license to rent your house in Minnesota?

General rules. We require a rental license for any dwelling unit where the owner is not occupying the unit, even if: No rent is paid. The unit is occupied by a relative.

What is the meaning of rent out?

grant the services of or the temporary use of, for a fee. “We rent out our apartment to tourists every year” synonyms: farm out, hire out. type of: lend, loan.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much can a landlord raise rent in MN?

To address the primary topic: No, the state of Minnesota doesn't have any rent control laws imposed on landlords. This means that landlords can charge as much as they want for their rental unit.

What are the requirements to rent a house in Florida?

  • Proof of Current Income: It is important that you provide the source of income that will cover the term of the lease.
  • Income Requirement:
  • Credit History: Must have satisfactory credit.
  • Criminal History: Must have satisfactory criminal background.


How long does a contingent offer last?
30 to 60 days The contingent period usually lasts anywhere from 30 to 60 days. If you have a mortgage contingency, the buyer's due date is usually about a week before closing. Overall, a home stays in contingent status for the specified period or until the contingencies are met and the buyer closes on their new house.
What it means contingent in a house for sale
A property listed as contingent means the seller has accepted an offer, but they've chosen to keep the listing active in case certain contingencies aren't met 

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