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Are you a real estate professional looking to maximize the potential of your iPhone for your business? Look no further! In this guide, we will explore the various ways in which you can effectively use your iPhone for real estate purposes. From property search to virtual tours, this guide will equip you with all the necessary tools to thrive in the real estate industry.

Benefits of Using iPhone for Real Estate:

  1. Efficient Property Search:
  • Utilize real estate apps: Discover and browse through a wide range of property listings with ease using popular apps like Zillow,, or Redfin.
  • Advanced search filters: Narrow down your property search based on location, price range, property type, and more to find the perfect listings for your clients.
  • Real-time property notifications: Stay updated on new listings, price changes, and open houses to ensure you never miss out on potential opportunities.
  1. Enhanced Property Marketing:
  • High-quality photography: Capture stunning images of properties using your iPhone's built-in camera or invest in external lenses for professional-grade photographs.
  • Virtual tours: Create immersive virtual tours of properties using apps like Matterport or EyeSpy360, allowing clients to explore properties remotely.
  • Video walkthrough
The best phone for real estate photography is without a doubt the iPhone 13 Pro Max. It has everything you need to capture great real estate photos right out of the box. If you're one of those 'never Apple' people, then the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is the next best option.

Can you shoot real estate video with iPhone?

You can buy a wide angle camera lens from anywhere between $15-$50 for your cell phone. I highly recommend shooting real estate video with iphone using this, unless you already have the Iphone 11. This will give your footage the extra width a DSLR camera would and a much better shot overall.

What is the best iPhone for real estate photography?

The iPhone 14 Pro is capable of taking great high-definition photos, making things easier for real estate photo editors. If you want to know how to shoot real estate photos with your iPhone 14, you do not need to download additional photo editing software to make your images perfect.

What app pays you to take pictures of real estate?

iVueit rewards you for gathering photos and completing surveys at local properties in your area. Anyone with an eye for taking pictures and a smartphone can do this. It's really that simple. When you sign up to be a Vuer, you help the world's largest brands have on-demand insight on their properties nationwide.

What is the best phone for a realtor?

1. Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max: Topping the list is the iPhone 13 Pro Max.
  • Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max: Topping the list is the iPhone 13 Pro Max.
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra: This flagship Android smartphone offers an excellent dynamic AMOLED 2X display, making it perfect for property presentations.

How can I improve the camera quality on my iPhone 8 plus?

  1. Quick Ways To Open The iPhone 8 Camera.
  2. Use The Camera Grid To Improve Composition.
  3. Select The Right Shooting Mode.
  4. Choose A Filter To Enhance Colors.
  5. Set Your Focus Point For Sharper Photos.
  6. Adjust Exposure To Control Image Brightness.
  7. Switch On HDR For Perfectly Exposed Photos.
  8. Use The Timer For Hands-Free Photography.

What filter do real estate photographers use?

Circular polarizer filter Photographers often use a circular polarizer filter (CPL) for landscape, outdoor, and street photography. The CPL is one of the best filters for real estate pictures, especially when shooting outdoor real estate property listing photos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my iPhone 8 Plus camera not clear?

If your iPhone camera is blurry, be sure to clean the lenses with a clean and dry microfiber cloth. You should also try restarting the Camera app and the phone itself. Don't pinch to zoom when composing your photos, as this can lead to blurry photos as well.

How high should camera be for real estate photography?

Between four and five feet Choose a good starting point. Although opinions vary among professionals, most recommend placing your camera between four and five feet above the ground.

How do I take high quality real estate photos with my iPhone?

Tips for Taking Professional Real Estate Photos with Your iPhone
  1. Selecting the right gear.
  2. Using High Dynamic Range (HDR) tools.
  3. Paying attention to composition.
  4. Checking for clutter.
  5. Keeping it level and steady.

What resolution should I use for real estate photos?

If you're looking to upload photos to MLS, there are a few requirements you need to meet. First, the photos must be in JPEG format and have a resolution of at least 640×480 pixels. The recommended photo size is 1024px x 768px or larger but should not exceed 15MB in file size.


What is the best camera setting for real estate photography?
An aperture around f/8 is ideal for keeping the entire room in focus for most interior shots. However, if you have a very deep room, you may need to bump it up to around f/16. If you're feeling creative and want to highlight a close-up detail, aim for a small f-number. Shutter speed.
How do I shoot interior with my iPhone?
Shoot Straight & Low Once you've turned on your grid, look at your space through the screen and get low. Or in other words, don't shoot from your natural point of view! Shooting too high will make your image look like you are looking down on your furniture, and distort objects within your image.
Is iPhone 6 good for taking pictures?
Low-light wise, the iPhone 6 is an excellent camera and only the iPhone 6 Plus with OIS and the huge-resolution Nokia Lumia 1020 are better. If it's too dark to shoot properly, then there's the true tone flash, which uses two LEDs (one white, one amber) to match the colour temperature of the scene.
What is the best lens for real estate photos on iPhone?
If you have an older iPhone model, we recommend getting an external wide-angle lens set. You don't need this for newer iPhones because they have a wide-angle lens built in. Wide-angle lenses for iPhone enhance your real estate photos because they allow you to include more space in the same photo.

How to use iphone for real estate

What is the best way to take real estate photos on an iPhone? To achieve practical and beautiful real estate photos, it is important to cover the basics and understand how to use your iPhone 14 Pro effectively:
  1. Walk around the home before you start shooting.
  2. Declutter.
  3. Take different angles of shots.
  4. Utilize natural light and flash.
  5. Edit the photos that you captured.
What size wide-angle lens for real estate photography? As a general rule for focal length, anything between 12mm and 35mm will provide good photos. If you can, opt for a lens in the 22–24mm range, which provides an even balance of foreground and background in your photos.
Can you take good real estate photos with iPhone? Simply by using your phone. So first up how does Snap Snap work snap snap basically turns your iPhone into a professional camera that is tailored to shoot real estate. This is because every time you
Do you need a wide-angle lens for real estate photography? Try a wide-angle lens for a more sweeping, all-encompassing perspective. A focal length between 14 and 35 mm is best. Additionally, consider a tilt-shift lens. While on the pricey side, this lens is a great option for keeping the vertical lines of the property by solving for any perspective distortions in real-time.
  • What camera settings are best for interior real estate photos?
    • Interior lighting can often be too low for an optimal photo, so that means you'll need to utilize a slower shutter speed. Set yours between 1/60 and 1/2 second to let more light in and compensate for the darkness. ISO. Try to keep your ISO below 400; closer to 100 is even better for keeping out noise in your photos.
  • How do you take pictures of the inside of your house?
    • 8 Tips for Taking Better Photos of Your Home
      1. Take “straight” shots (and skip the wide angle and fish eye lens).
      2. Use natural light when available.
      3. Use one type of lighting per photo.
      4. Clean your lens.
      5. Take “whole room” shots.
      6. Don't submit watermarks or Instagram screenshots, please.
  • Do pro photographers use iPhones?
    • Apple offers some of the best cameras to be found on smartphones, especially if you have the latest iPhone Pro or Pro Max. Even professional photographers are using iPhones for some photography work and there's no denying that it's possible to get incredible shots.

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