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Key Benefits of "How Much Should You Charge for Real Estate Photography":

  1. Comprehensive Guidance: This resource offers a step-by-step approach to understanding and setting prices for real estate photography. It covers all the essential factors to consider, ensuring that you can accurately determine your rates based on your skills, experience, and market demand.

  2. Market Analysis: The guide provides insights into the current market trends and pricing standards specific to the real estate photography industry. By understanding industry benchmarks, you can position yourself competitively and avoid undercharging or overpricing your services.

  3. Factors Affecting Pricing: This guide outlines the key factors that influence the pricing of real estate photography, such as property size, complexity, location, and client expectations. By considering these factors, you can tailor your rates accordingly, maximizing

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What is a good rate to charge for photography?

Useful Websites to Establish Photography Pricing
LevelPer Hour (USD)Per Image (USD)
Professional photographers100-30075-350
Top professional photographers200-500+400-1,000+

Is real estate photography a good side hustle?

Real estate photography can be a lucrative business avenue, whether as a full-time career or a side hustle. One of the most challenging pieces of starting or growing a real estate photography business is determining your packages and setting your prices.

How much should I charge as a beginner photographer?

In this case, beginner photography rates reach $25-50 per hour. Students. There are many people who are in photography school or university and want to start working. They already have some knowledge and experience, so if you are one of them, you can set the tax at $50-75 per hour of photography session.

Is real estate photography easy?

It might seem simple at first – just take pictures of houses and rooms, and get paid! However, there is certainly a lot more that goes into it, from the preparation and shooting to finding clients, communicating with them, and ensuring their satisfaction with a beautiful final product.

Why do photographers charge so much?

A professional photographer not only has to consider the initial investment in purchasing gear, but the cost of taking care of and servicing their equipment over time. This includes, paying to have your gear cleaned, fixing parts that may become broken or even purchasing replacements due to heavy use.

How much should I charge to take pictures of a house?

For example, a new photographer with little or no experience may set a fee as low as $60-$100. With any experience, most professional photographers charge between $110-$300 per project for photos only: Less experience: $110-$170. Average experience: $170-$230.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do real estate photographers charge in Los Angeles?

On average, real estate agents in the LA area can spend a whopping $636 for professional listing images.

Do estate agents charge for photos?

Watch out for hidden costs when speaking to agents – all the key services, such as photos, floorplans, marketing and managed viewings should be included in their fee. You should be suspicious of estate agents charging less than 1% – there's usually a reason they're cheap.

How much do real estate photographers make in Atlanta?

Real Estate Photography Salary in Atlanta, GA. $24,600 is the 25th percentile. Salaries below this are outliers. $43,800 is the 75th percentile.

How do you price commercial product photography?

As you would expect, with this method you will be charged a flat hourly or daily rate for the studio's services. For example, a studio could charge $150 / hour or $1,200 / day for still images and $200 / hour or $1,600 / day for 360 images (because they require more specialized equipment and software).

How do you shoot commercial real estate photography?

Top 10 Tips for Commercial Real Estate Photography
  1. Hire a professional.
  2. Clearly share your objectives.
  3. Declutter your space.
  4. Plan well in advance of shooting.
  5. Determine the best time of day.
  6. Avoid depicting a season or time of year.
  7. Keep things straight and balanced.
  8. Emphasize location.


How do you structure photography pricing?
How to Structure Freelance Photography Rates
  1. Event Photography: Rates range between $150 to $500 per hour.
  2. Wedding Photography: Rates range between $50 to $250 per hour.
  3. Portrait Photography: Rates range between $150 to $350 per hour.
  4. Real Estate Photography: Listing rates range between $150 to $500.
How much should I charge for pics?
Useful Websites to Establish Photography Pricing
LevelPer Hour (USD)Per Image (USD)
Professional photographers100-30075-350
How much does real estate photography cost in NYC?
Comparison of average New York City real estate photographer costs by shoot duration
Shoot durationTypical market cost in New York City, NYSnappr cost - value package
1 hour photoshoot$349$89
2 hour photoshoot$559$149
3 hour photoshoot$768$209
4 hour photoshoot$978$269
How do you calculate how much I should charge for photography?
The simplest formula for figuring out how much you should charge is to calculate your expenses, add your desired income and divide that sum by the number of sessions you want to do in a year. Sounds simple, right? If math is not your thing, grab this free 5 Minute Pricing Calculator from Photo Bacon.
How lucrative is real estate photography?
Depending on where you live and work, $50,000 might be a lot of money or very little. The best Real Estate Photographers in the U.S. can pull in six-figures pretty easily, but many of them live and work in larger cities. It's up to you how far you want to expand and how much time you want to dedicate to your business.

How much should you charge for real estate photography

How do photographers charge their clients? Most freelance photographers use one of the following pricing options: Per hour/day: Charge your customers by the hour (typical for short sessions like senior portraits, headshots, or newborn photoshoots). You can also charge a flat rate for the day or half-day (typical for wedding photography and similar events).
How much should I be charging for photography? “How much should photographers charge?” Questions about photography pricing can be both reasonable and complicated to answer. A good answer might be $100 to $300 per hour or $75 to $350 per image for professional photographers in the United States.
Why do photographers charge so much for photos? While photography can be viewed as an expensive service, the true costs of the industry for the photographer are evident. From cost of gear to marketing, content usage, self employment fees and the extensive dedication of time – being a photographer is truly a financial investment in the industry and profession.
Do professional pictures help sell a house? Homes that have been professionally photographed bring in a 47 percent higher asking price per square foot. 87 percent of buyers rely on photos to make decisions about homes. Professionally photographed homes sell 32 percent faster than their counterparts.
  • How do I take good pictures of my house for sale?
    • With this goal in mind, here are a few tips and tricks as well as mistakes to avoid to get the most out of listing photos:
      1. Declutter and depersonalize.
      2. Leave it to the experts.
      3. Show the bathroom in its best light.
      4. Take the weather into consideration.
      5. Focus on photos instead of the decor.
  • How much can you make taking pictures of houses?
    • Real estate photographer salary Photographers make an average of $42,940 per year in the United States. Real estate photographers may be able to earn more depending on where they work and who they work with. Photographs of high-end real estate might earn more than photographs of single-family homes, for example.
  • How important are pictures when selling a house?
    • Homes with more photos sell faster, which makes sense because buyers are doing more research than ever before. The more buyers can find ahead of time, the better your chances of getting your home sold quickly.
  • Do houses sell for more if they use professional photos?
    • Homes that have been professionally photographed bring in a 47 percent higher asking price per square foot. 87 percent of buyers rely on photos to make decisions about homes. Professionally photographed homes sell 32 percent faster than their counterparts.

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