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In Chicago, typical hourly rates range from:
  • $150 – $300 per hour: Lawyers just starting out or from small firms often charge hourly rates on the lower end of the spectrum.
  • $300 – $500 per hour: Established lawyers with years of experience usually charge in the mid-range hourly fees.

How much does a real estate attorney cost in MA?

The fees for a real estate attorney are well worth it, considering the value and protections they bring to the transaction. A buyer can expect to pay between $1100-$1500. A seller will pay slightly lower – usually between $800-$1300. The Maximum Real Estate Exposure resource provides an in-depth overview of the costs.

How much is a real estate lawyer in PA?

Hourly rates in Pennsylvania by practice area
Practice AreaAverage Hourly Rate
Real Estate$330
Small Claims$350
Traffic Offenses$511

How much does a real estate attorney cost in NY?

On average, real estate attorney fees for closing in New York will run you between $2,000 to $3,000 per transaction. However, fees depend on the attorney, the deal's complexity, and what part of NY the property is. Each attorney has different rates, and there is no set amount that every homeowner must pay.

How much does a lawyer charge in Illinois?

What is the hourly rate of a lawyer in Illinois? The hourly rate for a lawyer in Illinois is between $485 and $155 per hour, with the average being $305.

What should I charge for a real estate video?

The average real estate videography pricing can range from anywhere between $300 – $10,000. Now, that's a huge range and really isn't that helpful to figuring out what you should charge. However, it's important to know this price range so you're not unselling yourself.

How much is a home tour video?

Walkthrough Videos The price of a walkthrough video as a standalone service can vary depending on the location and the size of the property, but it typically ranges from $200 to $250.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much should you charge for videography?

Videographer Rates by The Hour and by The Day Well, the average hourly rate for a freelance videographer for eTown Videos is around $75 to $125, while the average day rate is around $600 to $1000, depending on the experience of the videographer and the camera gear used.

How much should a videographer charge for a video?

A great starting point for your day rate is $150/day. Videography is a specialized skill, so $150/day comes out to $18.75/hour.


How long should real estate video be?
Between 3-7 minutes Keeping that in mind, you also need the video to be at least for a minimum of 3 minutes, considering you should be able to deliver all the key information in the video. However, the ideal duration of a real estate video would be between 3-7 minutes, and always under 10 minutes.
How much does a 3 minute video cost?
First things first, if there's just no time to dive into detail and you just want a straight answer? A way-too-simple, “industry”-people-will-yell-at-me answer is that a simple shoot and 3-minute video will cost about $4,000.

How much real estate attorney fees

Do I need a real estate lawyer in Illinois? When it comes to buying and selling property, Illinois is considered an "attorney state." Lawyers participate in the real estate sale process as a matter of custom and practice. But there are no laws or ordinances that require a buyer or seller to use one.
How much real estate attorney fee Sep 17, 2022 — How much does a real estate lawyer cost per hour? Well, hourly fees for real estate attorneys might range from $150 to over $400 per hour, but 
  • Does the buyer pay realtor fees in Massachusetts?
    • In effect, property owners pay all Realtor fees when selling. That total compensation or real estate commission rate is then split between the listing agent and the agent or broker that brings the buyer to the transaction (sometimes referred to as the cooperating broker).
  • How much to charge for real estate video
    • Aug 12, 2022 — If you plan to hire a local photographer or videographer you can expect to pay an hourly rate between $80 – $200/hr for their services. How do I 

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