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Are you looking to add some excitement to your next event or party? Renting a bounce house can be a fantastic option for both kids and adults alike. In this article, we will explore the positive aspects of renting a bounce house, its benefits, and the conditions in which you can use one. Let's dive in and discover how much money it takes to rent a bounce house for your next gathering!

  1. Affordable Fun:
  • Renting a bounce house is a cost-effective way to entertain guests of all ages.
  • Compared to other entertainment options, bounce house rentals offer excellent value for money.
  1. Wide Variety of Options:
  • Bounce house rental companies provide a vast selection of themes, sizes, and designs to suit different preferences and party themes.
  • From traditional bounce houses to inflatable slides and obstacle courses, there is something for everyone.
  1. Entertainment for Everyone:
  • Bounce houses cater to a wide range of age groups, making them ideal for children's birthday parties, family reunions, school events, and even corporate gatherings.
  • Kids can enjoy hours of safe and active play, promoting physical exercise and social interaction.
  1. Easy Setup

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How much to rent a small bounce house

Hey there, all you fun-loving folks in the US! Are you ready to bounce your way into a world of excitement and laughter? Well, look no further because we've got just the thing for you - a small bounce house! Now, you might be wondering, "How much to rent a small bounce house?" Don't you worry, my dear readers, because we've got all the answers right here!

So, let's dive into the world of inflatable awesomeness and find out how much it costs to rent a small bounce house. Now, keep in mind that prices can vary depending on your location, the duration of the rental, and the specific features of the bounce house. But fear not, we'll give you a rough estimate to get your excitement levels soaring!

On average, you can expect to spend around $100 to $200 for a day-long rental of a small bounce house. Isn't that a fantastic deal? Just think about all the fun your little ones (and maybe even you!) can have, bouncing around to your heart's content. It's worth every penny!

But wait, there's more! Some rental companies offer hourly rates as well, which can be a great option if you're planning a shorter event or if you're on

How much does a bounce house cost in the US?

Price & Size Many residential bounce houses cost under $600, whereas commercial bounce houses cost more, ranging upwards of $1,500. Commercial bounce houses are also larger, designed for heavy use, and constructed with industrial-grade materials, standards, and specifications - all of which come at a premium.

How much does it cost to rent a bounce house in California?

The average price for a standard bounce house will be $25 to $62.5 an hour or $250 to $300 per day. To rent larger bounce houses with slides, splash pools, or climbing areas will typically cost $350 to $450 a day.

What is the life expectancy of a bounce house?

As mentioned above, retail or residential bounce houses last fewer years than commercial ones. This is because they are made from thinner material and are the lowest price. These are typically designed to be used by children in their homes and have a life of about two years.

How much weight do you need to hold down a bounce house?

Be sure to check your manual for your specific bounce house to ensure the exact amount of weight needed for your inflatable at each tie down point. The standard weight for most inflatables is 75 pounds at each tie-down location. This weight will often mean using more than one sandbag at each anchor point.

How many people can fit in a bounce house?

A standard Commercial Bounce House is 13'x13' and most Combo Unit is a 13'x13' jumping area with a slide attached. Most Bounce Houses and Combo Units can accommodate up to 7 at a time (keeping in mind they are all the same age and physical ability).

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to rent bounce house

Mar 14, 2023 — On average, a bounce house rental cost between $30 and $50 per hour. The total bounce house rental cost will typically range from $140 to 

What is the youngest age for a bounce house?

6 years of age Make sure that the bouncer meets the age and weight requirements; in general, limit bounce house use to children 6 years of age and older. Because bouncers are using a lot of energy—often in the heat of summer—it is important to stay hydrated! Make sure to take frequent water breaks to prevent dehydration.


Is 8 too old for a bouncy castle?
Bouncy castles have a maximum user heigh rather than age, children's bouncy castles will usually have a maximum under height of between 1.2 and 1.4m and are recommended for children of up to 12 years old adults bounce castles will usually have a user height of 1.8m and will be suitable for all ages.
How long does it take to inflate a bounce house?
Average Time to Inflate a Regular Commercial & Residential Bounce House. Moonwalk bouncy houses come in several sizes and shapes. But the average-sized inflatables can be blown up generally in 4-5 minutes. Other bouncy houses, such as residential bouncers are up and fully-inflated in just 2-3 minutes.

How much money is it to rent a bounce house

How much electricity does an inflatable bounce house use? How Much Electricity Do Bounce Houses Use? Most bounce houses with blowers have 115 volts and are rated between seven to 14 amps. If you're using an inflatable with a 2HP 14 amp blower, you may max out a 15 amp breaker, increasing your risk of tripped breakers all day long.
How much does it cost to rent a bounce house in San Francisco? Frequently asked questions about Bounce house rentals by Presidio of San Francisco customers
Product1 day5 day
Jumping bounce house$175$365
Water slide$190$570
Obstacle course bounce house$250$600
Sliding bounce house$225$400

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