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If you're searching for land for sale in the US but want a blank canvas to build your dream home or start a new project, you're in the right place. This guide will walk you through the process of finding land with no existing structures, highlighting its positive aspects, benefits, and the ideal conditions to utilize this search.

I. Why Search for Land with No Existing Structures?

  • Endless possibilities for customization and building from scratch
  • Freedom to design and construct according to your unique needs and preferences
  • Potential for cost savings by avoiding the need to demolish or renovate existing structures

II. How to Find Land for Sale with No Existing Structures:

  1. Online Real Estate Platforms:

    • Utilize popular real estate websites and apps to search for land listings.
    • Narrow down your options using filters such as "vacant land" or "undeveloped land."
  2. Local Real Estate Agents:

    • Contact reputable real estate agents who specialize in land sales.
    • Share your specific requirements, emphasizing the need for land without existing structures.
  3. Auctions and Foreclosures:

    • Keep an eye on local auctions and foreclosure listings.
The ten states with the cheapest land are Arizona, New Mexico, Mississippi, Colorado, Arkansas, New York, Missouri, Oregon, Alabama, and Michigan. Arizona is the cheapest state to buy land with a median price of $4,164 per acre.

What is the best app to look at land for sale?

What is the best app for finding property? There isn't a single best app for finding property, but Zillow, RedFin, and have very big databases—and it's free to search on these platforms. Zillow does have the most properties listed overall, though.

What is the best website to buy land in the US? is the premier marketplace for discovering, buying, and selling rural real estate. Every month the Network connects over 12 million people searching land for sale with listings from industry leading real estate agents.

How do I buy land from the US government?

Bureau of Land Management (BLM) sells public lands, which are undeveloped land tracts with no improvements. To learn about public lands for sale, find and contact the BLM state office for the area where you are interested.

What time of year is land cheapest?

With less competition, you can potentially get a better deal. Therefore, the best time of the year to buy real estate is during the winter months – specifically late November, December, January, and early February.

How much is 2 acres of land worth in Texas?

How much is an acre of land in Texas? The average price per acre of rural land in Texas was more than $4,000 per acre in 2022, according to the Texas Real Estate Research Center. That average climbed each quarter: $4,116/acre average in Q1 of 2022.

Where is the cheapest land in Texas?

Among the least expensive areas to buy five acres of land, Hudspeth County, Texas tops the report category with the lowest price for five acres of land listed at $1,200.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many acres of land can a person own in Texas?

Determining Urban or Rural Homesteads in Texas Rural homesteads are limited to 200 acres for a family and 100 acres for a single adult, including improvements on the property. An urban homestead is limited to ten acres with improvements, which must be in adjacent lots.

How do you find out who owns land around you?

The local Recorder's Office (or County Clerk) records all property deeds of ownership, property transfers, and related legal documents. Some California counties call it the Registrar of Deeds office. These offices maintain up to date property records. This includes the current property owner's name.

What do you call land that is not owned?

Bona vacantia (Latin for "ownerless goods") is a legal concept associated with the unowned property, which exists in various jurisdictions, with a consequently varying application, but with origins mostly in English law. Nearly every piece of land on the Earth is a property and has a maintainer (owner).

Is it smart to buy land and build later?

Many people ask the question if they should buy land now to build their home later, or if they should just wait and do both at once. Neither way is better or worse than the other, it's up to the potential borrower to determine what works best for them and their financial situation.

When should you build a house?

Starting house construction in the fall and winter months is usually cheaper and more convenient, which might come off as surprising! Read on to find out more about the right time to build, pros and cons of building throughout the year, and advice on how to decide the right time to build for you.


Is it financially better to buy or build a house?
(New home means one you build yourself or one a builder constructs.) Meanwhile, the average cost to buy an existing home (one that's already built) in 2022 was about $535,500. When you do a little quick math, you'll see buying an existing home instead of a new one could save you about $109,250. That's a lot of money!
Can you buy land and do nothing with it?
When you invest in land, even if you do nothing to it, you will likely still make gains. When you invest in land there is a level of stability that is not offered in every type of investment. Land will always be a valuable thing to own and is an incredibly wise investment choice.
How do you ask to buy land?
Tell your neighbors you wish to purchase the land. Make an offer for the price, or let them come up with an amount. Explain why you wish to buy the property and what it means to you.
Who owns empty lot next to my house?
Start with a public records search at the local county recorder's office or the tax assessor. The recorder's office keeps all the permanent public records that have to do with real property. The clerk will do the property owner lookup for you with the address you've given them.
How do you make land pay for itself?
Land can be used to generate passive income by utilizing its special qualities to produce income streams that need little continuing work. Leasing the land for activities like hunting, farming, grazing, energy production, or tourism can help you generate passive income.

How do i find land for sale with nothing on it

What is the difference between developed and undeveloped land? In the simplest sense, developed land has been fully prepared for building while undeveloped land hasn't. With raw land, you'll be clearing and grading the land, and bringing all of the utilities onto the site; in a subdivision, that work's already been done.
Why is land development important? The Importance of Land Development Land development plays an important role in urban areas, providing land for housing, commercial and industrial activities, and public facilities such as roads, parks, and schools.
How do you buy land in the US? If you're curious how to buy land, here are the essentials you need to know.
  1. Decide how you'll pay.
  2. Compare your financing options.
  3. Consider every expense.
  4. Find land for sale.
  5. Research the property.
  6. Make your offer.
How do I find local property lines? Yes, you can usually find your property lines online. Your county may have online maps for all of the real estate in your area, accessible through the official county or assessor's website. Property lines can also be found through any online search engine on Geographical Information System (GIS) maps.
  • What state has the cheapest land per acre?
    • Arizona has the cheapest land in the US with a median price per acre of $4,164. The state's affordability can be attributed to factors such as its vast expanses of desert terrain, which may be perceived as less desirable for certain land uses, and lower demand compared to more densely populated areas.
  • Where is the cheapest land in the lower 48?
    • So for both 1 acre and 5 acre plots, the cheapest states to buy land in 2023 are New Mexico, Arizona, Mississippi, followed by Colorado and California. Some great news for you here is that at Compass Land USA, we do a lot of work in Colorado, and Arizona.
  • What does contingent mean on Zillow?
    • A property listed as contingent means the seller has accepted an offer, but they've chosen to keep the listing active in case certain contingencies aren't met by the prospective buyer. If a property is pending, the provisions on a contingent property were successfully met and the sale is being processed.
  • Does Google Maps show property lines?
    • Google Maps will display property lines if you type your address into the 'Search Google Maps' search bar and zoom into the property closely enough. However, property lines are not available on all locations in Google Maps, unfortunately.

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